Language is vital. But how much can it really express?


I go in search of curious creatures at Leicester Cathedral and Twycross Zoo.

Two journos go head to head. My thoughts on Nick Robinson’s interview with George Osborne.

Locals can now register births, deaths and marriages and renew their library books at the same time.

I take a trip inside the earth to find some fool’s gold on Spain’s south east coast.

A seasonal reflection on hope arising in dark times.

Opening statements from Oxford Students for Life’s debate: “This House Opposes the Legalisation of Assisted Suicide”.

The cover for Flat Earth News

Does the UK mainstream media give us enough news from places like Australia?, among other topics to do with the media and journalism.

BBC presenter Adrian Chiles

Is it ever OK to call someone ugly to their face? I react to an article by Adrian Chiles in The Telegraph.

Nick Robinson's Election Notebook

Mixes the fun and the serious very well, gives you a raw picture of Robinson’s crazy lifestyle and his battle with cancer, and has some great metaphors about our political leaders.